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The waist loon is a symbole of the life of the Mexican Indigenous woman.

 Whith the loom tied with atrap around her waist and of the other end to a tree the weaver is an integral part of the life.

 Thus, it has a vital connection with the nature


Tablecloth model "San Agustin" code T - 02

measures 1.50 x1.50m, 150x2 m. 1.50x2.50 and 1.50 x 3m.

      tablecloth for center  " San Juan "
       measures :  1. 50 x 40 cm. aprox.
               code  : T  -  09
bag  embroidered by hand
measures 37 x 30 cm. Code T - 03
Woven Bracelets

code T - 08