The samples are only sent with a purchase of other products, we do not send only samples.Thank you for your undestanding.
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The products we produce, are made by hand craft one by one, so that we can say that every piece is unique Mexican crafts, and as such, there may be some  a litle differences in the measures and shades of color
Waht is  delivery time on crafts ?

Delivery time depends on the size of the order and type of product, if we have it in stock just are packed and sent to their destination


Terms of sale

Therms of  crafts for sale :

50 % Advance payment throug bank transfer or deposit.  To manufature products of the order, if these were not in stock. Remaining 50 % bank transfer or deposit, when the order is ready for shipment


What they are buying in Cactus Arte Mexicano is actually done by a Mexican crattsman


In this website you can make orders for custom-designed art pieces


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Term of  sale